Little Giants

PG 1h 47m 1994


In Urbania, Ohio, snobby former football star Kevin O'Shea conducts try outs for the town's Peewee football team, the Urbania Cowboys, which will compete for a chance at the state peewee football playoffs. Kevin slights his younger brother, Danny, by rejecting his daughter, Becky, who is a good player. He rejected her simply because she's a girl. She and some of her friends, boys who were also rejected, get the idea to start up their own team with Danny as the coach. After Kevin tries to put a stop to that, Danny gets him to agree to a game to decide which team will represent Urbania, because each town is allowed only one team. Danny and Becky scour the town in search of willing players, and they gather a crew of kids who have limited skills and no team spirit. They luck out when Becky discovers Junior Floyd expertly passing rolls of toilet paper right into a shopping cart at the supermarket, as though he's passing a football. With Becky and Junior on board, the new team, the Giants, has a chance to make a good showing, and they begin their training. But low morale continually threatens to break up the team. A chance visit by former NFL coach John Madden and four NFL stars, Steve Entman, Bruce Smith, Emmitt Smith, and Tim Brown, leaves the team with several tips on how to create an advantage. Becky develops a crush on Junior, and she's jealous when her cheerleader cousin, Debbie, flirts with him. She decides to compete for him on equal terms, so she puts on make-up and a cheerleader outfit, joining the cheerleaders and abandoning the team. But the Cowboys will be coming into the game with a vicious new player named Spike Hammersmith. Will Becky be there for the team if they need her?

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